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, and this is "newsline" for 11:00 a.m. japan time. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. >>> traces of plutonium have been detected in soil samples from the compounds of the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant. the operator of the plant, tokyo electric power company, says the level detected is very low and does not pose a threat to human health. the government said it will conduct further monitoring to see its possible effects. >> translator: concentration of the detected plutonium is comparable to the environmental fallo fallout, it is comparable to the level that will be found in our environment. however, if you look at the types of plutonium, the composition is different from the general fallout. because of this we believe this plutonium is likely to come from the reactor. higher level of plutonium, we need to take additional measures, so our intention for now is to continue on with the monitoring on the site. >>> chief cabinet secretary edano also said the fact that plutonium was detected proves that fuel rods had temporarily melted down in the reactor and that this is a grave situation. he said the
relief efforts in japan right now. even though a lot is off the regular news, people are suffering. children are suffering. and we just want to help us as quickly as we can. >> you said now, it's now weeks after and some of the initial shock is gone, but from being in contact with people, it's now this post stress of how do i live my life. how do i get through another day? >> i think the realization of losing everything has finally set in after the initial shock of dealing with traumatic devastation. a lot of post-traumatic stress disorderer. a lot of mental health counseling issues with children that lost their parents. the need is tremendous and will continue to go on. >> thank you so much. just a few bucks makes a big difference. look for the folks in the red shirts and if not, go to jcccnc. jcccnc.org. our weather maps for tonight, what you're going to find is a much different pattern here throughout the next couple of days. over a million dollars has been raised. >> thanks to nbc, we raised $417,000 right after the earthquake and now, we're over $1 million. >> that's fantastic
that at least one of the reactors at japan's fukushima power plant is leaking. officials have found plutonium around the plant, and highly radioactive water has been discovered for the first time outside the building. the tokyo electric power company, tepco, maintains it poses no health risk to humans. we have this report. >> plutonium habeen found in five spots around fukushima, but tepco insists the levels are not harmful. >> the level detective is extremely small and will not affect human health. -- the level detected. >> they were trying to stay on top of the situation. now, a government reesentative is says that there may have been a partial meltdown inside reactor number two, this after water rose to more than 100,000 times its normal level over the weekend. they now have to pump out the contaminated water before they continue to work on reestablishing the cooling system. engineers can only spend a few minutes at a time in the reactor buildings due to the radiation levels. >> when you are inside, you are coaminated by radiation. i was exposed over five days. the longer you spend inside,
. meanwhile, japan's national strategy minister appeared not to rule out nationalizing tepco fully or partially when asked about the government's plans for the company. >>> and elsewhere in the region, nina, you can see the negative sentiment found echoes with energy stocks finishing lower in sidney, as well. >>> let's turn our attention toward the u.s. stock markets. they managed to snap their three-day winning streak. in just the final hour of trading. here's how the numbers settled then. the dow dropped .2%, and when it comes to the nasdaq specifically, ebay shares weighed heavily on that tech-heavy index following the company's move to acquire gsi commerce. when it comes to the broad s&p, that index lost about $25% by the close. this is where we stand in terms of the pre-market action on the futures. and most of those markets up to the tune of about .3% to .4%. of course, things could change rally before they open, as we've seen on the ftse and other european markets starting on a positive note and falling further, pauline. >>> let's update you now on the situation in northern
to help those suffering in japan. >> that's right. so many local organizations stepping up to help those in need after the earthquake and tsunami. while a sea of orange and black heading into the stadium. giants are going to be adopting a new color tonight, the color red. they're taking your donations as the san francisco giants are stepping up to the plate and hoping to hit a home run on donations to help those in japan. we'll tell you how you can help and how much money has been railsed so far, coming up. ---raise sewed far coming up. >> still ahead at 6:00. bare shelves over the nuclear scare, in stores not in japan but here, in the bay area. tell you the supplies people are buying up. >> plus the president makes his case for the mission in libya in front of the national audience. did he make a strong enough case to win over the american people? >> and want to get your online opping done now. the measure about to hike the cost of your goods online. >>> tonight i can report that we have stopped gadhafi's deadly advan advance. thank you. >> president obama addresses the nation on libya.
're having a hearing this morning on the nuclear reactor disaster in japan. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] >> ok, why don't we get started? thank you all for being here. this is a briefing, not a hearing as such. i think the reason we tried to do it as a briefing is so people would not have to file written testimony 72 hours ahead of time and all that. things are changing very quickly with regard to the evolving situation at the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant. while this committee does not have oversight on the safety of u.s. nuclear plants, we do have to consider how events such as those at fukushima affected the ability of our nation's nuclear freedom, 104 reactors, to supply electricity. of course, these 104 reactors currently account for about 20% of the electricity that we use and what the future of nuclear energy will be as part of our nation's energy banks. events at fukushima are changing by the our. they are serious, and we are watching those events unfold on the other side of the world. our know
in japan, where radiation fares are intensifying as some levels are being detected in the united states. >> trace amounts of radiation in maryland. workers near the trickle -- near the crippled complex in japan found plutonium in the soil. new readings show ocean contamination has spread a mile north of japan. maryland officials today confirmed they have detected radiation from japan in our rain water, which may lead you to ask what if any concern that presents for our area. kerry has more on this story. >> they have detected radiation in maryland as a result of the nuclear situation in japan. however, the levels are not unsafe. trace amounts to have turned out here on the east coast and out west. we took a closer look at how radiation travels and where it is likely to turn up in our area. the race continues to contain radiation leaking from this compromise japanese power plant, while the rest of the world tries to determine potential fallout. maryland officials picked up enhanced radiation levels in the baltimore area. >> this is detected because of our regular monitoring for air. we d
than 40 nations to discuss libya. >>> frustration is grow anything japan. it's been more than two weeks since the earthquake in japan. here's the report from new york. >> reporter: japan's prime minister defended the government's actions after the earthquake and tsunami damaged the plant. opposition lawmakers and parliament weren't convinced. you're the prime minister, said this politician, what were you thinking when you ran out of the office? today, the workers continue trying to remove the highly radioactive water. and there's a new concern, the presence of plutonium in the ground nearby. in washington, the u.s. energy commission's top nuclear expert told the committee, they're slowly recovering and the presence of pollute tone yum is ex-- plutonium is expect and not to be alarming. >> it's not in significant levels. >> reporter: the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission is reviewing safety commissions at nuclear plants in america. one of the most significant concerns is how to handle a power loss at a plant. radiation is being checked in japan again. >> we probably don't get close enou
's address on libya. >> we have a responsibility to act. >> what is really in our water? the fear of japan leads to protest at the white house. alcohol and checkpoints. your safety. why is clint eastwood in town? pictures you won't want to mess. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >>> a shocking abuse case over teo virginia parents are of trapping three small children in a room naked. abc7 discovers the mother was accused of child neglect years ago. this unfolded in bristow. jay korff is live with the investigation. 2005 theytell us in moore ested christina her sons were found unattended near a busy in the county. now she faces similar charges involving her three charges. >> this is sad. home is surrounded by of items you would expect to see outside a home filled with young children. it is what happened inside that these parents behind bars. >> you don't do that to a child. we are supposed to treat them way. >> authorities alleged this their children inside a bedroom saturday night of dry wall piece to the door. old estate. >> i am glad they did because that k
at the san jose airport, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >>> a cargo ship from japan is en route to oakland expected to reach port tomorrow night. friday night a cargo ship from japan docked. it tested positive for low levels of radiation. there is a monitoring system set up to screen each ship and its cargo. we'll keep you posted on what is found there. >>> it is the latest development as we continue to follow the disaster in japan and its impact around the world. the situation at the fukushima nuclear power plant is intensify. emergency crews are dealing with a reactor that's been leaking for two weeks. workers are trying to contain and dispose of new pools of radioactive water leaking from the plant. this highly toxic plutonium continues to leak into the soil outside. officials there insist neither leak poses a threat to public health. >>> many concerned citizens attended a vigil held at san francisco's civic center. more than 150 communities participated in the nationwide vigil on this day which also marks the 32nd anniversary of the three mile island nuclear meltdown in penn
and treated for minor injuries. >>> 6:33 right now. we have seen the digs destruction and devastation in japan-- destruction and devastation in japan and emily and her younger brother scott started helping hands for japan. the two designed t-shirts and they are selling them for $10 all that money that they raise will go to help the people over in japan. >> i saw the people houses were breaking and. >> it was amazing how much a earthquake could do that. >> >> stie tart -- they started by selling them to people at the church and the mom started to sell them across the country. they have raised more than $700 so far. >> the smallest places. >> amazing. >>> all right. off to a break. how about a shotgun. with the nfl package. a radio shack promotion is causing a stir. >>> and we hear from the storeowner who says he wanted to bring in more customers. >>> an there's an app for everything. but now a push to get rid of a app police say is helping drunk drivers out on the roads. >>> welcome back. consumer alert this morning. and listen up. if you drive a honda. car makeer is recalling 2800 odyssey mini
concerns in japan. 24 hours after we learn the british and from japan had reached the water in maryland and virginia -- we learned that the radiation from japan had reached the water in maryland and virginia, protesters took to the streets. >> with songs and lit candles dozens joined in front of the white house to show support for the people of japan living through the aftermath of an earthquake tsunami and a nuclear crisis. >> tens thousand people have died in japan in the last week's. >> you have a tremendous amount of human suffering as well as environmental destruction when something bad happens at these plants. >> residents say no more fukushima in front of the tokyo power company headquarters. plutonium has been tested for in the soil outside the plant. the japanes>> they should be removed from leadership. a team of top scientists should be put in place within the authority to call of to the japanese military. >> traces of radiation have been found in the marylanders rain water. >> it's not surprising that water vapor would travel. >> washington area residents are asking for the w
: contamination from japan's nuclear facilities leaks into the soil. what does that mean for maryland? that story is coming up. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast, i could use all the help i can get. like nutella, a delicious hazelnut spread that's perfect on multigrain toast, even whole-wheat waffles, for a breakfast that my kids love and i feel good about serving. and nutella is made with simple, quality ingredients, like hazelnuts, skim milk, and a hint of cocoa. it's quick, easy and something everyone can agree on. ♪ nutella. breakfast never tasted this good. >>> now "good morning maryland." >> 5:44 right now. jap ann nuclear facilities have been leaking tons of radioactive water petroleum. it's found in the soul and contamination and continues to spread into the ocean here in our state. we are focusing on the first sign of radio activity. sherrie johnson joins with us more. >> reporter: state leaders say levels of radio activity are very small and doesn't pose a health risk. maryland health official say we have little to worry about even though the radio activity is here.
of challenges facing japan keeps getting longer and mortar e terrifying. development supports suspicion that dangerous radioactive water can remain in the environment for thousands of years. so far officials claims levels found are not harmful to human health. yet another sign of the crisis gripping yemen. explosion tore through factory. blast which appears to have been accidental underscores collapse of authority there after six weeks of mount iing protest. now here is a look at some of the stories making news early today in america. in colorado, two men trying to rob a store got a big surprise. video shows clerk lunging for the gun and wrestles him to the floor. clerk escorts suspect out of the store with a pellet gun. in texas, one person was killed when a truck collided on a highw highway. the truck was going on the wrong way on the highway. in florida, stunt plane fell from the sky. pilot was performing a routine maneuver when the plane crashed. and in michigan, one school had the day off but not because of snow. drivers arrived early monday morning to find a fleet of flat tires. s
. mostly for bombs and missiles. >>> japan vowed to overhaul the nuclear safety standards. the leaders admitted that the safe guards weren't enough. today, plutonium began seeping from the plant. the amounts aren't a risk to humans. it's the results of the damaged fuel rods though. >>> this is prompting a local group to issue its own warning. we're live with coverage with alex demetrick. >> reporter: for the past few weeks, a research group has been compiling information. it shows what coup in the u.s. >> reporter: as the radiation levels climb in japan, critics are issuing their own warnings. the latest are showing reports in u.s. plants. >> nuclear power is too risky for the communities. >> reporter: 17 significant incidents have happened since 1979. >> the nuclear commission showed significant pressorsers to a -- precursors as a meltdown. >> in 2003, radioactive hydrogen leaked from the plant. the wokers said that the source was one of the original pipes layed into the ground 40 years ago. >> reporter: that didn't lead to problems outside of the plant. the industry says what happene
of political and deposition miplom pressure that makes clear to gadhafi he must go. >>> japan is looking for fresh workers to take over at the fukushima nuclear plant. more than 400 technicians have been on duty for two and a half weeks now. they've been exposed to some level of radiation, almost every minute now. the government says it's not easy to find replacements who are nuclear experts and who are willing to face radiation dangers. >>> workers are trying to figure out what to do with all the water that they have used to cool the nuker reactors. some of it is highly radioactive. it's pooled in basements and work tunnels. they've got the water bottled up for now to keep it from entering into the pacific ocean. >>> japan's dead already number to almost 11,000. the final tally maybe double. they're forcing the japanese to forego the buddhist tradition of cremation and bury the dead in mass graves. >> i feel so sad about this, he says. all of this is overwhelming. >>> president obama making his case for intervention in libya. he says the united states has responsibility to act, which br
ravens, teaming up to help the folks in japan. we have the story, that's when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> 29 degrees. a beautiful sunrise that should be happening now. we'll have calm winds out of the north. we have a barometer at 30.16. ocean city at 36. 35 d.c. and 33 easton. we're talking mid-to upper 20s. 21degrees in oakland. westminster at 30. 29 in columbia and we're noticing quite the bay effect. high pressure is running the show. here's the low that's swinging down to the south and hanging a left and moving up the coast. as it does, it will spread the rain over the area. that will start later on tomorrow through thursday. if the low closes up, i can see it raining friday morning and friday not being a great day. western maryland through west central pa. that's through new england. that will get a winter like, early spring snowfall. 53degrees is the temperature. 31 tonight. that's seven below normal. tomorrow, a gray day and 46 is the high. overnight, down to 33 degrees. 39 is the low. friday, we'll see if it turns out cloudy. the weekend
june. >>> next, the latest on the disaster in japan and later, how that has not dampened the mood at the cherry blossom festival. organizers decided to dedicate this year's event to helping them heal and we are there live. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] with amazing innovation, driven by relentless competition, wireless puts the world at your command. ♪ >>> we must continue to pursue the broader goal of a libya that belongs not to a dictator, but to the libyan people. >>> urging the world to speak with a single voice to moammar gadhafi and leave power. at an international conference. countries must work together to isolate gadhafi, she says no decision has been made about arming the rebels. president obama has ruled out using u.s. troops, but some lawmakers say more force may be necessary. >> this is the libyan people's fight, but we need to continue to help make it a fairer fight. >> the u.s. hands off leadership of the military operation to nato. >>> the official death count in japan from the earthquake and tsunami passed 11,000. it's been more than two weeks since the twin
in japan and going to the soil outside. there is concern about the expanding spread of radiation. abc2 news sherrie johnson joins us with how this effect people here in maryland. sherrie. >> reporter: there are strong indications some of the radio activity in japan is coming from damaged nuclear fuel rods. this is the big problem in trying to bring the power plant under control. and some 9,000 miles away from japan, right here in maryland, state health officials say marylanders have little to worry about even though radio activity from tokyo's nuclear facilities is already here. the state has tested the public water system, but found very small amounts of radioactive materials. experts say we live with low levels of radiation coming from rocks and humans and the environment every day. officials say the traces of plutonium pose no immediate threat to public health. but there is frustration that the nuclear plant has been unable to stop the crisis more than two weeks after the earthquake and tsunami damaged the plant. >> you -- dish think it's unfortunate it spread over to the united states b
hit by a large number of forclosures. >> well, let's talk more about japan. particular, shares of tokyo's electric power company tepco, there were plenty of sellers but no buyers, even at a the 20% discount. investors were scared off that the country might have to be nationalized to help it cope with the cast at the fukushima power plant. the minister also said the government is thinking about imposing state management, adding to those concerns and this is a company that's lost $30 billion in market values. the cost of ensuring its debt as risen 10fold and the debt standing at $92 billion. martin short of if you jits as you research told me why the government of japan would favor nationalization. >> well, bankruptcy is still not common in japan. the banking sector, for example, had been nationalized and tepco is at least as important for the domestic economy. plus, the reorganization overall would be much easier after nationalization and the banks will require strong guarantees right now. >> they sure will. >> this is what we saw in asia. global stocks rebounding on tuesday fro
. we'll be talking to an expert about that very subject coming up skwrepbdz right now in japan the prime minister says the country is on maximum alert over its nuclear crisis we've been following so closely. hours ago a 6.3 magnitude earthquake rocked the pacific coast there. one hundred miles from the fukushima power plant, that's how close it was. there are already concerns that toxic plutonium found in soil and seawater near that plant is spreading. in thailand authorities are checking food products shipped from japan for any levels of radiation. the death toll tops 3,000 in just one town. this village had a fortress wall to withstand a tsunami. the entire town is wiped out. dominic dnatali screaming live. >> reporter: they are trying to contain an overrun of high reradioactive water in reactors one, two and three. this is of great concern. at the moment the spread of radiation from the fukushima plant is causing a awful lot of concern and worry for both the authorities and the general public who are fearing contamination. they are piling sandbags and concrete blocks particu
for you coming up. >>> now let's get the latest from japan. the the prime minister says the situation at the fukushima nuclear complex remains unpredictable and the country remains in a state of maximum alert the spread of radiation is raising concerns about the ability of experts to stabilize the crippled reactor complex. the number of dead from the earthquake and tsunami now passed 11,000. >>> the maryland public interest research group says the nuclear crisis in japan is a clear example of why nuclear power isn't worth the risk. the group says there's a history of safety problems at nuclear reactorses in the u.s. according to a new report there have been four serious incidents since 1990 at knew -- knew clier power plants. >>> toyota warns u.s. car dealers to stop ordering placement parts in japan because it's concerned about running out. a list of replacement parts is available that shouldn't be ordered unless the customer needs one for repair. including brake loaders, body panels and shock absorbers, mainly for the prius gas/electric hybrid and hybrid versions of the highlander s
of japan they are not alone. photographs were taken of the messages for the japanese people. they will be compiled and put on the internet. the stand for japan campaign is a fundraising effort to send money to the hundreds of thousands of people who lost so much in the earthquake and tsunami. >>> an alarming discovery at japan's crippled nuclear power plant. >>> looking for and finding japanese reactor radiation here in the bay area. that story still ahead. >>> did the baseball season ever end? not if you are a giants fan. >>> the news from japan's fukushima nuclear plant was alarming today. there are new pools of radio active water and plutonium. and that is likely the reason for the levels of radiation in the ground and the ocean. but plant operators said two samples appeared to be plutonium from the leaking reactors and the old could have come from old nuclear tests and none of the levels is dangerous. >>> in the bay area another ship arrived from japan and as is customary government officials are scanning it for radiation. juryjohn fowler shows us more. >> reporter: amy
showing the force of the tsunami that hit japan as a wall of water rolls through the city of kesanuma, a wave of destruction. >>> security forces in syria one four-star hotel. two identical rooms. so why does this one cost so much less on hotwire.com? when hotels have unsold rooms they use hotwire hot rates to fill them, so you get ridiculously low prices, backed by our low price guarantee. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ hotwire.com >>> security forces in syria flooded the town of daraa today. this is new video from youtube, reportedly shot on friday in daraa. the syrian government is blaming deadly violence on everything from an unnamed foreign group to armed thugs. multiple witnesses say government forces are behind the attacks. a possible move to appease protesters, the syrian government announced they'll lift a state of emergency law that has been in effect for 48 years. the law gives the government sweeping authority, they can make arrests whenever they want. prevents detainees from having a lawyer present during interrogations. there's no timetable for that emergency law being lifted. ma
's happening. fallout, more traces of radiation found in america from that crippled nuclear plan in japan. is the threat to the u.s. and the world growing? murderous attacksing libyan forces answer president obama's address with a new round of attacks on civilians, according to the rebels. >>> and camelot, it's not. the new miniseries on jfk and jackie o., many historians say it's more fiction than fact. we speak to the producer 0 of the series ahead. >>> good afternoon. we begin with the disaster in japan where the prime minister says the country is in a stalts of maximum alert, this as the fukushima crisis worsens. japan officials have said they believe there's been a partial meltdown at three of the plants' six reactors, that's half. now today radioactive water has been discovered in the maintenance tunnel at the plant. in a a spatefrtepha fr l io ocns e nd ncte peltoeer he nnoced 2 etrothor nd, stonrm plonm seepifr the damaged nuclear power plant into the soil outside the facility. plutonium is years. but so far, officials claim the levels found are not harmful to human health. meanw
crisis in japan, as the prime minister says his country is on "maximum alert." >> ifill: miles o'brien reports from the site of the world's worst nuclear disaster, the chernobyl power plant, where, decades later, radiation levels are still higher than normal. >> 25 years after the accident here, scientists are still trying to piece together its full impact. in the wake of events in japan there's new focus on their work. >> woodruff: and ray suarez interviews housing analyst robert shiller about new evidence of falling home prices in cities across the nation. that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> oil companies have changed my country. >> oil companies can make a difference. >> we have the chance to build the economy. >> create jobs, keep people healthy and improve schools. >> .and our communities. >> in angola chevron helps train engineers, teachers and farmers; launch child's programs. it's not just good business. >> i'm hopeful about my country's fute. >> it's my country's future. >> you can't manufacture pride, but p
. >> hill: need some patience. all right, rebecca, thanks (japan today, the prime minister said his nation is on maximum alert because of the crippled nuclear plant. today two workers were soaked by radioactive water that somehow got through their waterproof suits. they were decontaminated, they were not seriously hurt. meantime, a report, though, came out today that plant officials were warned as far back as 2007 that a tsunami could overwhelm the plant's flood defenses. those officials failed to act. safety procedures are also under review at u.s. nuclear plants, but former employees at one plant in california tell us their warnings were ignored. that's ahead. an up next, the maker of a drug to prevent premature births delivers a massive price hike. hey, pete. yeah, it's me, big brother. put the remote down and listen. [ male announcer ] this intervention brought to you by niaspan. so you cut back on the cheeseburgers and stopped using your exercise bike as a coat rack. that's it? you're done? i don't think so. you told me your doctor's worried about plaque clogging your arteries -- what
report on the fight against gadhafi. >>> maximum alert in japan. it appea the emergency at the nuclear power plant will not be contained any time soon. >>> is there a link between our children's behavior and the coloring in our food? the government is looking at the question again while some parents have already answered the question on their own. >>> the good people who show up and go to work every day, without being asked. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening, a few hours ago here in new york, president obama sat down to talk with us about the dangerous situation in libya and that entire region of the world. we asked him about the speech to the nation he delivered last night, the dangers of u.s. military involvement while already fighting two other wars and the precedent this may set in other nations. and the fact that this may not go quite as the u.s. and nato have planned. notably as you're about to hear, the president left open the possibility of arming the rebels who are in the fight against gadhafi in libya. here now a portion
crisis in japan. anger, now growing over how those in charge are dealing with the ongoing disaster. thanks ! ÑwÑ[= live claritin clear. >>> and welcome back, everybody. time, now, for a check of market activities starting overseas. tokyo's nikkei average slipped 0.2% today. hong kong's hang seng is essentially unchanged. and in london, the ftse opened higher. on wall street, the dow dropped nearly 23 points yesterday. meanwhile, the nasdaq fell 12 points. >>> well, another week, another increase in gas prices. the seventh-straight increase. the national average rose to $3.60 per gallon in the last week. that's up 3 cents from last week and 80 cents from a year ago. prices are at their highest level since september 2008. this, in part because of the turmoil in the middle east and also the japan earthquake. >>> and that disaster in japan is also limiting your options if you're in the market for a new car. many buyers will have limited color choices for at least a month. that's because of plant damaged by the quake is the only source of a shine nay pigment used in many car
on in japan including a report tomorrow on america's under reported history with nuclear accidents. tomorrow's show comes with a seat belt for your use at home. >>> facing the heat. president obama defend his decision for military intervengds in libya. >>> hazardous material. japan finds highly toxic plutonium in the soil surrounding its crippled nuclear plant. >>> and above and beyond. surveillance video captures a convenience store clerk fighting back against two would-be robbers. >>> very good morning to you. i'm veronica de la cruz. those stories and much more straight ahead. this is "first look" on msnbc. >>> we begin with making his case. president obama took to the airwaves last night to vigorously defend his decision to enter into the conflict of interest in libya, a move that has been hotly debated by some in washington, but one that he is standing firmly behind. for more we go to nbc's tracie potts in washington. good morning to you. >> reporter: veronica, good morning. the president said we're using two approaches here -- supporting the military effort while putting pressure on ga
't that lovely. maybe they could send him to the northeast of japan, fukushima is lovely now. jonathan will chat away about this at foxnews.com/shep. and click the right side of the screen and you can join in the information, a thrill a minute. the world has obviously been watching libya closely as we do not war there and do not have pans there but some analysts say syria could be the real threat to stability and today that government quit. [ malannouncer ] 95% of all americans aren't getting enough whole grain. but actually, it's never been easier to get the whole grain you want from your favorite big g cereals. from cheerios to lucky charms, there's whole grain in every box. make sure to look for the white eck. ed >>shepard: and a deadly someday in the location of our war number two, iraq. gunmen wearing military uniforms and explosive belts storm add local government headquarters in the north of iraq killing dozens and injuring hundreds. and they went to saddam's old hometown saying the gunmen killed 15 execution-style and then blew themselves up. we are told they set fire to the bodies of th
kartalija. >> reporter: hi, guys. the cherry blossoms were a gift from japan a century ago. you could not have chosen a better day to come down here to enjoy them. >> it's nice to see the flowers. >> it's unbelievable and we're enjoying it. >> reporter: visitors come from around the world. snapping photos and blossoming into memories. >> i think they're fantastic. i'm from europe, i see the spring for the first time now in washington. >> reporter: a celebration of friendship between washington and japan, the festival draws over a million visitors every year. >> it's a lovely tradition. you see a lot of japanese people here enjoying something that reminds them of home. >> reporter: as i mentioned, the cherry opossum -- blossoms are in they are peak. now-- in their peak. the american red cross is standing by for visitors who would also like to help friends overseas. i'm jessica kartalija, wjz, eyewitness news. >>> already, thank you, jessica. and again, as she mentioned, the red cross is collecting donations for the victims at the festival. >>> and still ahead on news tonight at 5:00. i
a blood bath by moammar gadhafi. >>> there's a lot going on in japan this morning, as well. a top government official says the nuclear crisis in japan is now very grave. i'm kiran chetry. >>> in order to head off a large scale catastrophe, tons of radioactive water has to be pumped out of the daiichi power plant. but a big problem, where to put it. >>> and i'm christine romans, honk if you want to stop. volkswagen recalling thousands of jetas because honking the horn could shut down the car. a lot to get to now on this "american morning." >> welcome to "american morning," tuesday, march 29th. >> a lot going on today in japan and libya, trying to figure out what to do next with moammar gadhafi. a lot happening in japan, as well. >>> we want to get you started with the president's case last night. the president addressed the nation and also critics who say he failed to fully explain his decision. last night, president obama described the situation in libya as "unique" and said the u.s. intervened militarily to prevent a humanitarian crisis. >> it's true that america cannot use our m
in japan being wiped away and new questions tonight being raised about how the country is coping with its nuclear crisis. >>> and a huge hunk of rock in san francisco bay. it could be yours at a bargain price. >>> good evening. i'm dana king. >>> there was stunning and at times very graphic testimony in the barry bonds' murder case today. his mistress described bonds as increasingly angry and at times impotent due to steroids. why her motives are being called into question. >> reporter: she was called for one explosive reason. >> she's going to provide the jury with her statement talking about mr. bounds' admission about using steroids -- mr. bonds' admission. >> she had left with him -- she had slept with bonds since 1994. he had trouble maintaining and he recollection. . he said steroids caused the injury because tendons grew to fast. >> choking back the tears, she testified his timber was growing along with his shoe and capsize. one argument led him to threaten to cut off my head and leave me in a ditch. before his record setting home run season, he threatened to cut off my breast impl
. >>> in japan, the discovery of nuclear 6 contamination outside the plant is growing. they called the attempt to keep it inside deplorable. they are trying to pump out pools of radioactive water before they can restore electricity to the overheat reactors. they spoke with a physicist who says the u.s. can learn some lessons from the japanese crisis. >> you come to the conclusion that somebody like homer simpson is running a nuclear power station. >> reporter: it may sound funny but physicist michic subscription to prevention kaku has degrees to back up his saying. >> you see incompetence, low estimates. >> reporter: the doctor was a radio host and a author of the best selling book "physics of the future." >>ed and i think if we see a melt-down it's a melt-down of confidence. it is all coming out the fact they underestimated the importance of a tsunami. >> reporter: he says the lesson of japan is that the relationship between the government and the utility company that runs the planted is simply too cozy. >> i think there is enough blame to go around in the sens that the government took the le
japan as a wall of water rolls through the city of kesanuva. ♪ ♪ stay inside? nah. not when you have a five-star overall vehicle score for safety. one more reason chevy traverse delivers more. you know rheumatoid arthritis means pain. but you may not know it can also mean destruction. not just of your joints, but of the things you love to do. and the longer you live with the aching, swelling, and stiffness, the closer you may be to having your favorite things... taken away from you. but you can take action today. go to ra.com for your free joint profile so you can better talk to your rheumatologist about protecting your joints. >>> security forces in syria flooded the town of dahra today. this is new video from youtube, the syrian government is blaming deadly violence on everything from an unnamed foreign group to armed thugs. a possible move to appease protesters, the syrian government announced they'll lift a state of emergency law that has been in effect for 48 years. the law gives authorities to make arrests whenever they want. there's no timetable for that emergency law being li
... 19 ercent drop.../ since.../ she...// took office. 3 workers in japan contiiue to try to contain radiation at the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant.. damaged by tte earthquakk and tsunami almost three weeks ago. ago. damage to the nuclear facility can be seen from tte air. meanwhile.. the death toll from the tsunami is more than 11-thousand. 16-thousand people are still missing. the estimated cost of the quake top more than 300-billion dollars.. making it the world's most expensive natural disaster. trace amoonts of radiation is showing up in rainwater here in maryland. earlier his week.. trace levels of radioactive air onitors near two nuclear facilities. the first releases oo e ffom - radioactive material from the fukushimi dai-ichi nuclear plant while workers raced to prevent aafull meltdown. thhs weekend.. japan announced huge spikes in raddoactivity.. which means we &pcould see more elevated readings here... but the marrland health secretary says in mmryland aren't dangerous.s to follow the clean--p effortssin apan.. go to foxbaltimore dot com a
of stores it wants operated. >>> an emotional graduation for young students in japan. how they are hoping to turn the pain into hope. and, potentially deadly hazard around your home. why those batteries can be a threat for parents and children alike. >>> stocks are closing higher today after consumer confidence fell less than some amists feared. the -- analysts feared. >>> in tonight's "consumer watch" -- important warning for parents. tiny-sized button batteries popping up in all kinds of products around the house, leading to some warnings, of risk of swallowing them. they are not just limited to young children. here's karen caifa. >> reporter: shiny, smaller than a coin, potentially dangerous to children. button batteries power more toys and other devices than other household devices, the consumer product safety commission wants parents to be aware of certain possible hazards. >> they are commonly left around children. >> reporter: the biggest concern is these batteries, if swallowed, the consequences can be dire. >> if it becomes lodged in a throat chemical burns can occur in as lit
place in 2007. the amount imposed was the maximum allowed by law. in japan, 2.5 weeks after disaster, the president said the country is on max on alert over the crippled fukushima nuclear plant. they try to prevent radioactive water from leaking into the sea. the u.s. and u.k. are starting to detect very low levels of radioactive iodine in the air. our science correspondent has the story. this does contain flash photography. >> this is the front line of japan's nuclear crisis. teams of workers braving me fukushima -- the fukushima power station. some areas are too contaminated to enter. this picture was taken inside one of the control rooms. a ghostly seen as they check the damage and facing new threat of a flood of contaminated water. authorities are struggling for control of the power station with some games every day, but also set backs. good news is that power is not connected to all four reactor buildings. that means proper cooling is one step closer. reactor two is causing the most concern. that is where the highest radiation has been detected. 15 minutes is the equivalent of t
problems at japan's troubled nuclear plant. who is actually trying to sneak into that dangerous evacuation zone. >>> and attention pg&e customers, did you score one of those $25 thank you cards? a lesson in fees and fine print. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, can you enjoy vegetables with sauce and still reach your weight loss goals? you can with green giant frozen vegetables. over twenty delicious varieties have sixty calories or less per serving and are now weight watchers-endorsed. try green giant frozen vegetables with sauce. [ speaking spanish ] ♪ [ male announcer ] old el paso stand 'n stuff taco shells. old el paso. feed your fiesta. [ music ] >>> well, the stage appears to be set for a bloody showdown as rebels inch closer to moammar gadhafi's hometown. rebels have regained control over hundreds of miles along libya's coast. adds coalition forces have struck moammar gadhafi's forces. leaders of the international effort say that the offensive is meant to protect civilians. outside moammar gadhafi's compound today a crowd mobbed the car with the libyan leader said to be inside as moammar gadhafi
president nicolas sarkozy will travel to japan on behalf of the g-20 group of nations to offer support after that country's earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis. japan's government today vowed to overhaul the safety standards once its radiation-leaking nuclear complex is under control. admitting safeguards were insufficient to protect against the march 11 tsunami. the death toll there in japan now, tops 10,000. amid the tragedy in japan, one possible financial winner here in the u.s. in the aftermath of all of that is pennsylvania's coal industry. correspondent molly line looks at the local benefit to a population that's increasingly nervous about nuclear power. >> governments around the globe re-evaluate the safety of the nuclear power in the wake of the fukushima disaster, u.s. coal interests are going for broke. increasing demand in the world market. >> coal is here to stay. we can find different ways to use it but it's in our own united states. easy to get to. accessible and can be used for all type of energy. >> this is one of the largest suppliers of coal in the u.s. asia, south amer
. >> brown: plus, we update the spiraling nuclear crisis in japan, where new radiation levels have been found in the air, seawater, and soil around the fukushima plant. >> ifill: and ray suarez talks to marcia coyle about today's supreme court free speech arguments involving a campaign finance law in arizona. that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: having the security of a strong financial partner certainly lets you breathe easier. for more than 140 years, pacific life has helped millions of americans build a secure financial future. wouldn't it be nice to take a deep breath and relax? your financial professional can tell you about pacific life, the power to help you succeed. >> you can't manufacture pride, but pride builds great cars. and you'll find in the people at toyota, all across america. chevron. we may have more in common than you think. and by bnsf railway. and by the bill and melinda gates foundation. dedicated to the idea that all people deserve the chance to live a healthy, productive life. and with the ongoing support of t
, "nightly business report," new york. >> tom: japan continues to struggle to contain the world's worst nuclear crisis in 25 years. tokyo electric power, or tepco, runs the damaged fukushima nuclear complex and says more radioactive water was found leaking from the plant today. plutonium has also been found in soil around the plant. tepco has asked french nuclear giant areva for help with crisis. as for the auto industry, some analysts now say it could be summer before japan's vehicle makers are running at normal capacity. goldman sachs estimates the shutdowns cost the automakers $200 million a day. meanwhile, damage at japan's auto parts makers has ford motor idling a european plant. the plant in belgium will shut for five days starting monday, to conserve parts. and, if you want to order a ford f150 pickup, you might not get it in tuxedo black. ford has stopped taking orders for some specialty colors as a paint pigment supplier near japan's disaster zone remains closed. >> suzanne: a potential billion- dollar battle takes center stage at the supreme court tomorrow. it's a massive sex-
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